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PRW Awards: You care…

I’ve survived my first PRWeek Awards. What a night. Sat up front between the Porter Novelli gang and the GolinHarris crowd I was struck by how much excitement there was surrounding the awards. There’s plenty of award events around that folks dutifully show up to, accept an award, eat their chicken, and head home without the slightest variation in their pulse. But there was sincere anticipation from the Porter Novelli table next to me when their colleagues were announced as nominees. Imagine that. For an industry that operates under the radar 364 days a year, its nice to have one night to congratulate the achievers of the past year. And, if you don’t win, it gives you an excuse for that extra three drinks you shouldn’t have had at the after party.

But aside from the excitement during the awards, the evening was a chance for people to see friends and colleagues they hadn’t seen in ages. Many of these people began their careers together, or where mentored by someone else in attendance when they were first starting out, and there was a lot of catching up going on. I saw more than one or two people showing off baby pictures. All in all, its the attendees who determine the success of an event, and I can’t imagine a crowd much better than last night. See you next year.

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