The Cycle

Surprises at the PRWeek Awards?

With a sarcastic groan, one of the attendees at last night’s PRWeek award ceremony said “What an upset” after just about every award was announced. His assertion - that the big firms and notable names were, of course, going to get the awards. However, from where I was sitting, there was definitely some variety to the campaigns and the winners. Having been a part of the judging, I know a lot of thought (and reading) goes into the selection process. So I would have to disagree with my tablemate.

Total aside, one of the attractions for the awards ceremony is what people are wearing. It’s nice to see everyone dressed to nines, but last night, a few guys went out on a limb with their tuxedos, and a few ladies obviously took care to pick a fashionable frock that would stand out among the 1,000 guests. Kudos. Should there be a fashion wrap-up after next year’s festivities?

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