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PRWeek Awards

As this was my first time attending the PRWeek Awards, I was shocked by the number of people in attendance. While the cocktail hour was decently crowded, I didn’t really realize how many people were actually there until we entered the tent for dinner and the awards presentation.  Walking around the room where the awards were announced, or even while waiting in line for the bathroom, I could sense the excitement of all the PR professionals in attendance.  Throughout the night it really stood out to me how highly people value the PRWeek Awards.  The loud cheering coming from winning tables was a sure sign of how delighted people were to be taking home awards, but I noticed reactions on the opposite end as well.  A table near mine seated a number of people from an agency who did not take home an award, and you could tell by the expressions on their faces (and some of the comments they made) that they were genuinely upset they didn’t win.  Despite being a dissapointing situation for them, this proves to PRWeek that people truly value the publication’s work and the magazine we put out each week. As a side note, I did find it kind of disrespectful and dissapointing how many people were talking and not paying any attention throughout the comedy act and portions of the awards presentation. Other than that I feel the PRWeek Awards was a huge success.

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