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And this year’s ‘golden hanger’ goes to…

[Cliche disclaimer] Many consider the PRWeek Awards to be the Oscar’s of the industry. I’m no Tim Gunn, but I did try to channel him - sorry if that’s creepy - as i talked to PR “celebs” about their outfits and the importance of style in an industry that places such an emphasis on perception, image, and networking. At last night’s Awards ceremony - my second - I saw a lot of ladies in knee-length, black, belted dresses.

My favorites, however, showed color. Alyson Campbell - Jack + Bill, Porter Novelli - wore a one-arm gold sequen top with a long dark skirt, and Hanna Lee - HannaLee Communications -  a gorgeous red strapless gown with interesting lines and asymmetrical, tiered ruffles that flared near the ground. The consensus seemed to be that an event with networking opportunities, such as the PRWeek Awards, it’s best to stick to classic and conservative. However, a little color or shine can help you stand out in a sea of black. And there’s no better conversation-starter than, ”Oh my gosh, I love your dress.”

Also, I’d love to see more floor-length gowns. I know we live in a casual world, but come on! If we can’t play dress-up at a black-tie event, when can we?? That’s why last year’s PRWeek “golden hanger” went to PRWeek’s Natalie Morales, and this year’s goes to Hanna Lee.

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