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Golden State healthcare

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s health plan for California is in . The battle over how, exactly, to insure every resident in the country’s most populous state is being watched closely, of course, and if efforts from both Schwarzenegger and the state Dems quietly peter out it might have a huge impact on the national stage.

“If we fail, it will have the effect of a wet blanket on health reform nationally,” said Robert Ross, president of the California Endowment, a foundation devoted to health care. “I think the presidential candidates will all look with a very watchful eye at what happens in California.”

Also, if Schwarzenegger does resuscitate the plan, how do Democratic presidential candidates pitch their own health plans inside the state? Will voters care at that point? With an earlier primary California could have an actual say in the nominating process this time around. So we’ll keep our eyes on the West to see what may be in store.

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