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Microsoft new ad strategy to cut Seinfeld

Valleywag broke news that Microsoft is entering “phase two” of its ad campaign withhout Jerry Seinfeld. Even though Microsoft reportedly still has an unaired Seinfeld ad, it is shifting its strategy to directly take on Apple’s Apple vs. PC ads (see new ads here).  But tech columnist  Don Reisinger is among those who think the move is a PR disaster. Reisinger writes:

I don’t blame Microsoft for trying to battle Apple ads and I even commend it for doing just that. But now is not the right time to do it: Microsoft didn’t improve its image yet. And if it hasn’t been able to do that, how can it possibly expect to compete with the single company in this industry that has the best image of all?

According to Valleywag, Frank Shaw (WagEd’s lead on the Microsoft account) said “there is the ‘potential to do other things’ with Seinfeld…He adds: ‘People would have been happier if everyone loved the ads, but this was not unexpected.’”

Readers, do you think it was a good PR move for Microsoft to switch its ad strategy?

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