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Ogilvy talks to home/lifestyle media for survey

Ogilvy PR recently chatted up 55 national home and lifestyle reporters for their thoughts on the state of their beats. Not surprisingly, they responded that the ongoing economic turmoil is influencing their coverage considerably more than other factors.

Asked what has most fueled stories about Americans’ focus on their homes in the study, 70% of reporters said “the fluctuating economy”; 61% said “the green movement”; and 44% responded “changes in attitude since 9/11.” Questioned on what factor is the most important right now, 74% chose the economy; 11% picked the green movement; and 6% chose “changing national demographics.”

Danielle Mackey, director of Ogilvy’s Washington consumer marketing practice, said that the 2008 National Home and Lifestyle Media Survey, conducted during July and August, shows that consumers want to know how to improve their homes while spending less money.

“What we learned, in a nutshell, is that due to economic concerns, a big topic is going to be the practical ways to make a home more pleasing and to live comfortably for less,” she said. “The media are responding to people’s desires to live simple yet fulfilled lives, and their homes are their biggest assets.”

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