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Citi Cards launches two new programs

Citi Cards launched two new options for cardholders on March 4: Citi Forward, which rewards customers who use the card responsibly by actually lowering their purchase interest rate by a quarter of a percent; and , which gives customers rewards points for reporting their socially responsible activities on the card’s social media page.

“For Citi, this is an offering that rewards consumers for using credit wisely,” noted Terry O’Neil, EVP of Citi Cards in an e-mail to PRWeek. “For MySpace, the new card educates users about being fiscally responsible and mindful in today’s economic climate.”

Citi Cards has been working with TMGpr on the launch activities, which include a pre-launch Webcast moderated by Christopher Penn from the Financial Aid Podcast; “man-on-the-street” video clips now appearing on the card’s ; ; and media outreach, which has gotten coverage in a number of outlets, including Fox Business News.

“If you want to establish deep connections with your consumers, you have to be wherever they are,” Tami Gross-McCarthy, founder and CEO of TMGpr, told PRWeek. “Citi is interested in a two-way dialogue with consumers. The social media world helps us to achieve that.”

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