The Cycle

A good time was had by all

Last night’s awards ceremony seemed to start on a note of exuberance that escalated as the night wore on. Hanna Lee from HannaLee Communications floated into the reception with her staff and clients at about 5:30, one of the first to arrive. Soon after, the team from George Washington University got there, energetic and friendly. Each group, including the evening’s most excited bunch, the staff of Coyne PR, brought the party with them. Even the host, Richard Harris, seemed in high spirits, entertaining the audience and being entertained them in return. It’s great to give awards and recognize good work, but it’s cool to just have a good time as well.

As some of my colleagues have mentioned, the event gives everyone the opportunity to either catch up with the folks they know or meet those they’ve only spoken with on the phone and by e-mail. This is my third time at the awards and, indeed, that was true for me. Whether we had the chance to speak or not, don’t wait until next year to give me a buzz, shoot me a message, or suggest a day for an after-work drink.

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