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Critics question Apple’s strategy

Apple has taken a beating from critics on the way it handled this week’s announcement that Steve Jobs would temporarily step down from the company.

Dow Jones reports:

Yet Apple’s handling of the situation so far hasn’t won many admirers. Some Apple watchers are already raising questions about what’s really behind the jarring swing in sentiment about the nature of Jobs’ treatment in such a short period of time. Last week, Jobs, who is a pancreatic cancer survivor, told Apple employees he was undergoing simple treatment, and he will stay on the job. A week later, Jobs disclosed that his treatments are now much more complex than expected, and require he take an extended leave of absence.

The New York Times’ Executive Suite blog also urged Apple to “come clean” on Jobs’ health because the company is losing its credibility on the issue.

PRWeek also recently raised the issue of effectively communicating executive departures.

Other thoughts on Apple’s strategy this week?

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