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Stafford and DCI Group help disadvantaged to inauguration

DCI Group is providing pro-bono PR for the Stafford Foundation’s “People’s Inaugural Project” campaign. The project was designed to provide disadvantaged Americans from various groups including veterans, the homeless, and the terminally ill, with free hotel rooms and tickets to inauguration-related activities and celebrations at the JW Marriot in Washington on January 19 and 20.

DCI Group is assisting the foundation with media relations and strategic council to spread the word about the campaign to potential ticket recipients, as well as to garner further financial assistance for the project. Thus far, the agency’s efforts include national media outreach to outlets such as The Washington Post, as well as the creation of a page and a presence. The campaign is still in its beginning stages, and DCI will continue to expand its efforts as the inauguration draws near, according to Emily Lampkin, partner at DCI Group.

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