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Calif. governor’s race gets a dose of social media

Did you catch the social media blitz by San Francisco’s mayor Gavin Newsom, yesterday? In announcing his candidacy for the state’s governor, the youthful politician (41), took a cue from President Obama, it appears. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Aiming to stake his claim to the tech-savvy young voters who helped elect President Obama, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, 41, today took to the new media to formally announce he’s running for governor - by directly addressing hundreds of thousands of supporters simultaneously via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The video came in three languages: English, Spanish, and Mandarin. Touche. SFGate’s story continued…

‘We can’t afford to keep returning to the same old tired ideas and expect a different result,’ the Democrat told supporters in his three-minute YouTube announcement, part of the unprecedented ‘virtual fly-around’ campaign announcement done entirely in the new media.

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