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Dr. O-No

I am at the Edelman New Media Academic Summit (PRWeek is media partner), watching a panel with PRWeek’s own Julia Hood, Lauren Rich Fine, Practitioner In Residence, College of Communication & Information, Kent State University; and Steve Grove, Head, News and Politics, YouTube. There was a hearty guffaw when one of the attendees (won’t rat him out) didn’t know that Dr. No was a Bond movie (Kids today - no sense of history!). Here is some running commentary.

Grove: “All of this [new media] innovation [occurs] during the campaign period. Marketers learning from what the campaigns do.”

He talked about how politicians in the 2008 campaign learned from the George Allen macaca moment. One panelist appearing in tomorrow’s session - is Mindy Finn - director of Finn Enterprises, fellow at George Washington University’s Institute for Politics.  She ran Gov. Mitt Romney’s  director of eStrategy during his campaign. When video surfaced of Romney taking a strong pro-choice stance, per Grove, Finn moved quickly to record a video with Romney explaining why he changed his stance - and smartly tagged it with the same keywords as the offending video.

Grove: “Politicians spring to YouTube and Facebook because they can’t not be there.”

Grove: (This is a paraphrase: It’s not as if Facebook or MySpace invented something new about the human condition).

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