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Forbes just giving away column space now

This has already cause a couple of loud but it’s so ridiculous it bears repeating. James Brady, longtime publishing guy, Ad Age pontificator, and “media columnist” at, spent his entire column today praising the work of his own daughter, writer Susan Konig. Brady’s columns usually hover between harmlessly useless and snicker-worthy out-of-the-loop ramblings, but it’s really impossible to fathom how he got the editors to sign off on this one.

He calls his daughter “talented,” “successful,” “witty,” a “red hot mama” who wrote a “wickedly funny, rather cool, and often moving” column for the New York Post before she started her “hilarious” radio show while she was writing her current book, following her last book which made USA Today go “bonkers” with enthusiasm. The piece reads like an embarrassingly gushing press release that would be chucked in the garbage after a few chuckles.

Brady wraps his piece with: “How do I know all this? Full disclosure: In civilian live, Susan is one of my daughters.”

Full disclosure: It’s time for Brady to hang it up. Forbes, I’m sure, can do better.

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