The Cycle

On getting PR bloggers to promote their blogs

So… this competition. Did anyone hear about it?

When we decided to launch a competition to find the admittedly oddly phrased “most worthwhile blog”, we wanted to create some awareness of our anniversary, but also hold a fun competition, as I told PRNewser.

The first round has ended, and we’ve had some upsets (Micro Persuasion and the other two Edelman blogs ousted?), some allegations of agency-wide ballot stuffing, and some Cincinnati media coverage. We had backlash galore on Twitter - see , , , , and, well, here’s the Summize . There’s been backlash to the .

There have been earnest calls to action, and !

So… yes, it’s likely true that those who promote the competition the most will have a better shot at winning. And, yes, we may have missed some blogs that deserved inclusion. But as long as it promotes ideas, exposes some of those blogs to new readers, and gives people a chance to extol their love for their favorite blogs, I think it’s a good thing.

And, so, the quarterfinal round begins today. Four more match-ups are up on our site. The next four match-ups will begin Wednesday.

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