The Cycle

Branding with Bond

Harry Potter may not be gracing movie theaters this fall, but another British leading man will be: James Bond. Quantum of Solace hits theaters on November 7, and some familiar brands will also be present on screen. Ford, Heineken, Smirnoff, Omega watches, Virgin Atlantic, and Sony all have products featured in the film and each company is a partner with Sony Pictures, the distributor.

“The Bond franchise has long been a magnet for marketers looking to associate their wares with a character who favors high-end products,” Variety reported. “Property has proved so valuable that brands have returned to the films year after year, locking out rivals.”

As the brands work on their own outreach to promote the partnerships—including TV, print, radio, and online advertising—the studio can enjoy added exposure for the film. Variety reported that such brand-backed campaigns will roll out starting in October.

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