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Good for you, Ben Affleck

I’ve personally never seen Jersey Girl or the infamous Gigli or Daredevil… OK, so I guess I really haven’t seen too many Ben Affleck movies. (Hollywoodland nearly put me to sleep, actually.)

But I’ve felt a good amount of sympathy for Ben Affleck the past few years. Not because he makes bad movies (that’s totally his fault), but because his career seems tied with a Gordian knot to his personal relationship with Jennifer Lopez (despite the fact that he is now married to Jennifer Garner and has a daughter with her) and past professional relationship with his highly-respected actor friend, Matt Damon. They win an Oscar award together, Damon goes on to become Jason Bourne, and Affleck becomes the butt of countless jokes.

So it must be great for Affleck to read the positive reviews for his new flick (a directorial debut), Gone Baby Gone. Nothing turns around a bad reputation like doing good work. I may actually part with my hard-earned $11 to buy a ticket to this one.

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