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A non-scandalous celebrity site

Last week’s Fact File column was on celebrity blogs, from the notorious to the newbie If you’ve ever wondered about a celebrity gossip site that DOESN’T talk about arrests, sex scandals, fashion faux pas, and things of that nature, there is one that actually exists (there might be several, but this is one I came across recently).

It’s called CelebsGoneGood and it was created by Do Something, the non-profit that supports teenagers who want to change the world. CelebsGoneGood was created to highlight the good, charitable, and philanthropic work done by celebrities, and to inspire the younger generation to take action. It features celebrity good-doers like Oprah and Angelina and their humanitarian crusades.

Celeb publicists are encouraged to send in news and items about their clients. It might be nice to have their clients publicized for the good work that they are involved in for a change.

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