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Rupert Murdoch not so into reporters

After Rupert Murdoch paid a visit to the Wall Street Journal newsroom yesterday, Reuters reporter Robert Macmillan attempted to interview the mogul as he walked out of the building. Here’s how it went:

MacMillan: Hello, Mr. Murdoch, I’m Robert MacMillan. I work for Reuters.

Murdoch: Oh, really!

MacMillan: I just wanted to ask –

Murdoch: No.

Security guard #1: (grabs MacMillan’s arm and pulls him away from Murdoch)

MacMillan: Can you tell me what you talked to the editors about? (To security guard) Please don’t touch me.

Murdoch: No.

MacMillan: And can you tell me also –

Murdoch: No.

MacMillan: You were seen with Anderson Cooper at Sun Valley. I wonder if you’re interested in having him at the Fox Business Channel.

Murdoch: (silence)

MacMillan: Are you planning to increase the number of employees at The Wall Street Journal?

Murdoch: I’m not talking to Reuters.

Security guard #2: Stay away! Stay away!

(Murdoch exits building. Second security guard blocks door to prevent MacMillan from following.)

Ladies and gentlemen, freedom of the press!

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