The Cycle

Wolff and Murdoch, sittin in a tree

A minor tiff has arisen over media critics Michael Wolff’s plan to write a biography of News Corp. chief/purple people eater Rupert Murdoch. Critics say Wolff was angling for a book deal with a recent sympathetic Vanity Fair profile of Murdoch, and point out that his daughter works for the Murdoch-owned NY Post. Wolff replies, essentially, “stop hating, haters.”

While I gave Wolff a “media down” this week for the whole sordid plan, I’ll be the first to admit that he has the right to write anything he wants. But the fact that he is going to be getting so much cooperation from Murdoch seems dubious. He’s not necessarily the type of mogul you want admiring you if your ambition is to be a staunch and fearless critic of the media machine.

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