The Cycle

Just another bachelor . . .

As a guest of Atlanta-based Hope Beckham PR, I attended the Women’s Sports Foundation Awards in New York last night. The event itself carried the weight of a lot of big names in sports and entertainment; even the guest list and specifically the people at my table were incredibly entertaining.

Among the people that I was seated with, were a publicist for ABC and the current Bachelor from the ABC show by the same moniker. In a journalistic pursuit of the truth about reality TV, I had to ask the publicist, “Do these relationships from the show really work out?”

Her response: “The chances are just as high of meeting the right one at a chance meeting in a bar.”

As the target demographic for the show (a single, twenty-something girl looking for the fantasy), I thought this wasn’t the best way to spin the show.

Maybe the tagline for the show should be, “The Bachelor: just some dude in a bar.”

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