The Cycle moves into the political media arena

Expect to hear the name Will Ruben again before November’s presidential election.

Ruben, 20, created last fall with money he had saved up from birthdays and a summer job, according to a report in the New York version of Metro.

VoteGopher contains issue-centric coverage by blogs, e-mail newsletters, a discussion board, and head-to-head comparisons of the candidates by their voting records. Users can also use a “My Ballot” feature to weigh the candidates by voting preferences.

After winning $10,000 from Harvard’s Innovation Challenge to launch version 2.0 of the site, VoteGopher’s staff moved into an office at the tony location of 57th St. and Madison Ave. in Manhattan, where they take part in two daily meetings on 25 major political issues.

And credit Ruben with bringing a novel Old Media concept to his Web site: impartiality. “Everyone agreed to check their views at the door,” Ruben told Metro. “Everything that’s written gets at leas two edits to make sure it’s nonpartisan.”

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