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Partner ideas also in action

There’s a post on the My Starbucks Idea Web site today stating that there’s also a site where employees (aka “partners”) can submit their thoughts about how to improve the Starbucks experience. I had the chance to speak with Alexandra Wheeler, director of digital strategies, recently about the launch of site, and, based on what she said, it makes sense that they would also be including staff input throughout the rebranding effort.

“Our baristas are engaging in millions of conversations with customers every day,” said Wheeler. “This is extending the experience into the online space.”

The 48 idea partners that are monitoring the site for good ideas are “experts,” according to Wheeler, in food, coffee, entertainment, and other areas across the organization. Overall, bringing all of these ideas together is all pro, no con, she says.

“I don’t think there are any extreme challenges with the site,” she said. “We’re seeing a great range of ideas across the categories we’ve provided. We’re leveraging the power of online communities to engage a bigger audience and have people rally around those ideas.”

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