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Edelman goes Hollywood

Edelman public affairs execs are making a foray into Hollywood with plans to help produce a film on the 1986 Reykjavik Summit between Reagan and Gorbachev.

To be directed by Ridley Scott, who’s very hot at the moment thanks to the success of “American Gangster” (and other big films over the years, including “Blade Runner” and “Black Hawk Down”), the film does not yet have a screenplay, but in the world of big-budget filmmaking that’s often a secondary consideration.

The film’s executive producers include Edelman’s European EVP, Jere Sullivan, and Edelman senior counselor Ken Adelman, was a Reagan advisor during the summit.

While nuclear arms talks may seem like a dull subject, any topic in the right hands can be made interesting. For instance, Michael Mann’s “The Insider” is a fascinating film about Jeffrey Wigand, the former whistleblowing executive from tobacco company Brown & Willamson.

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