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NAB distributes digital TV delay, antenna PSAs

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has created two public service announcements in the past week, each promoting distinct elements of a probable delay of the digital broadcasting transition.

One of the spots, available in both English and Spanish, promotes the almost-official delayed June 12 transition date. Congress has approved the delay from February 17, but President Barack Obama has yet to sign the bill. Obama supports the delay.

The NAB’s other PSA promotes the use of a proper antenna.

“The goal of the new [transition] date spot…is to let people know that the date has changed. The spot is very simple, the wording is very simple, and it says that the date has changed but there is no need to wait [to get the right equipment],” said Shermaze Ingram, NAB senior director of media relations for the Digital Television Transition. “The goal of the second is to ensure that consumers don’t miss the important piece of news that their antenna is still very relevant.”

Ingram added: “I’ve seen stories about how this is a requiem for rabbit ears, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

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