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Gmail blog addresses outage - just this once

Google’s e-mail service had a major outage yesterday that was reminiscent of woes that have befallen Twitter . According to Tech Crunch, the first Gmail outage was reported at around 2 pm PST, but the Gmail blog remained mum on the issue until later yesterday evening. Perhaps in response to Tech Crunch’s criticism of the silence, just after 6 pm Gmail’s product manager, Todd Jackson,  posted an apology.  The standard “we’re sorry” post assured users that Gmail was listening to their frustrations (and even reading their angry Twitter posts) and that the glitch was fixed.

But Jackson also told readers not to get used to finding info about system crashes on the Gmail blog. He says, “We don’t usually post about problems like this on our blog, but we wanted to make an exception in this case since so many people were impacted. In general, though, if you spot a problem with your Gmail account, please visit the and , where the Gmail Guides are your fastest source of updates.”

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