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A soft message

I recently attended the Supima Inaugural Fashion Show featuring Supima-made creations from emerging designers, and interviewed Buxton Midyette, VP of marketing for the brand. In an effort to build awareness for the luxury cotton as a more independent brand, Midyette has recently beefed up the brand’s PR and advertising. However, advertising is secondary to PR, he explained.

At the show, Midyette said he’s pushing a story about premium luxury comfort and the value of the cotton and the Supima-branded clothes. His team is doing research to produce data backing its quality and production.

Midyette said that while inexpensive, fashionable retailers such as H&M may be great for short-term wear and trends, he believes there will be a return to consumer investment in quality, and that return, in association with heightened awareness of low-quality fabrics, could provide another story angle in the Supima communications strategy.

“It’s nice to tell our story and a different aspect of Supima,” he said. “People are ready for that story.”

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