The Cycle

McClellan answers readers questions…

at the Washington Post.

Among many interesting comments:

Washington: Mr. McClellan, having been in the position of defending the White House from past officials writing their own books, how do you feel about comments you made previously regarding such tell-alls? How do you respond to criticisms that you might have left your job rather than defend the administration’s positions, if you felt moral qualms about doing so? Very much looking forward to reading your book — I feel there is a lot to be said about the administration, and your book may be a key piece in moving this exploration forward.

Scott McClellan: I got caught up in the permanent campaign culture just like so many others do all too often in today’s poisonous Washington environment. It has become the accepted way of doing things, and I believe excessively embraced. Richard Clarke is someone I criticized from the podium. I actually saw him last night in New York and expressed my regret for the way I handled that situation.

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