The Cycle

Some Newsday staffers wishing it was News Corp.

In the two days since announcing its $680 million acquisition of Newsday, Cablevision hasn’t exactly endeared itself to its new editorial staff.

For one, Cablevision spokesman Charles Schueler reportedly “screamed at” Newsday staffers for, well, aggressively doing their jobs, which in the course of the acquisition story included calling company patriarch Charles Dolan and looking for his house. For his part, Schueler claims he didn’t scream.

Newsday staffers are also said to be resentful that Chairman James Dolan granted only one interview on Monday about the deal – to News 12, which is run by his brother, Patrick – forcing Newsday to run recycled quotes.

Said one Newsday staffer: “They’re the only owners who could make you wish for [News Corp. chairman Rupert] Murdoch.”

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