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Knicks’ media relations policy to change

Donnie Walsh is likely to make many changes in his new role as team president of the Knicks, but one of his most significant plans (for communications professionals at least) includes changing the team’s strict media relations policy. As reported by , the team has been under the highly restrictive policy since 2001. Players are not supposed to give out contact information to the press, they are required to receive permission before giving interviews in the off-season, and interviews between players, coaches, and the press are monitored by PR professionals. Walsh’s policy will be much more open, and he seems to realize that news isn’t necessarily always going to be about cheerful, positive topics. “You’re going to have some bad stories every now and then,” he acknowledged to The Times. While Walsh hasn’t released exactly what his new policy will include, it seems as though his new position will trigger a far better relationship between the Knicks and the press than has existed in the past.

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