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J.K. Rowling’s post-Harry Potter work auctioned off for nearly $4 million

Looks like the creative mind of J.K. Rowling still had some juices left after squeezing out seven editions of the famous Harry Potter series—easily one of the best imaginative stories ever invented. Rowling’s handwritten book of fairy tales was reportedly sold for an estimated $4 million ($3.98 million to be exact, equivalent to 1.95 million pounds) at a London charity sale. One of seven copies of The Tales of Beedle the Bard (classic title for a Rowling work), made after Rowling finished the final Harry Potter book, now belongs to Hazlitt, Gooden & Fox, a London art agent.The money will go to the Children’s Voice, a charity co-founded by Rowling and Emma Nicholson, a member of Britain’s House of Lords. The six other copies of the Beedle books have been given to people who were closely connected to the Harry Potter collection, Rowling said…with the fate of probably being auctioned off by the recipients. Don’t all scramble to eBay now.

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