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Universal Studios shuts down Back to the Future

The Web page for “Back to the Future: The Ride” says it all: “The ride is history.”

As of 9 am yesterday, the ride at Universal Studios’ Hollywood, CA, theme park shut down, to make room for a new ride featuring The Simpsons, set to open in spring 2008. However, the ride didn’t close quietly. Along with radio promotions, a contest was held with a grand -prize of a classic 1981 DeLorean vehicle, and actor Christopher Lloyd made an appearance to begin the countdown to the ride’s closure.

Once considered the centerpiece of Universal Studios’ theme parks, the ride opened in 1991 at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL, and in 1993 in Hollywood. The Florida theme park’s version shut down earlier this year after running at half capacity for months.

The ride continues to live on at Universal’s theme park in Japan – and on .

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