The Cycle

Stars, maybe they DON’T know???

My column this week focuses on the stars on your team- and the debate over whether or not employers should tell these individuals that they are being groomed for bigger things in the organization.

It seems my assertion in the piece that “stars know they are stars” is open for debate. I was having a drink with a contact late last week and explaining my theory, which he vehemently disagreed with. In PR, he says, stars don’t always know they are stars. In fact, PR people depend greatly on feedback and affirmation in their jobs. That view does speak to the perception that PR professionals are, by nature, collaborative and eager to please. It’s a strength, not a weakness, but something that, if true, should be taken into account. Intangible benefits are sometimes the ones that are most difficult to deliver, particularly in this time-pressed universe.

So let’s hear what you think - should you tell your stars where they fit in your universe, or keep that quiet? Do PR professionals need that kind of motivation and reassurance to progress?

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