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The science of food

This week we reported in a news brief that H&K has partnered with Nutrition & Culinary Consultants (NCC) to support clients in the food and beverage industries.

According to the director of NCC, Kyle Sandix, who’s also a registered dietitian, the shift in attitude towards food is due to obesity. NCC will offer registered dietitians and chefs to aid in strategic planning related to health, wellness, and nutrition.

“There’s so much misinformation out there,” said Sandix. “We hope to bring nutrition science to a new level.”

Sandix says he’s trying to trademark the phrase “Stealth Health,” an anti-marketing technique whereby the healthfulness of the food product doesn’t radically change the brand (for instance, Kraft removed transfats from its products without altering the status of the brands). Some other trends to look out for according to Sandix - sodium as the next big topic of nutrition conversation, growing popularity of antioxidants, and increased opportunities for pharmaceutical companies as foods become more fortified.

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