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Kwik-E-Mart’s doh!-nation

Following up on a Fact File I wrote a few weeks ago about reverse product placement with 7-Eleven turning into Kwik-E-Mart–today those faux store fronts come down. The animated yellow “brick” pieces, along with polystyrene renditions of some of The Simpsons Movie cast, will be donated to children’s hospitals around the nation.

Some Simpsons fans crossed state borders to visit the cartoon-like stores to see the show come to life. And while many of them offered money for the Simpsons characters displayed at the Kwik-E-Marts, 7-Eleven has decided instead to spread the goodwill and fun by donating all Kwik-E-Mart “sets” to Children’s Miracle Network-affiliated hospitals–all located in the same major metropolitan areas as the Kwik-E-Mart stores–for them to raise funds and to entertain patients.

Other Simpsons branded merchandise will still be available at 7-Eleven stores through August while supplies last. And the popular, bright pink donut from the movie’s logo will continue to be offered…Yum.

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