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Kellogg resurrects Hydrox

Never doubt the power of consumer-driven campaigns.  The Kellogg Company has brought back the Hydrox brand cookie for a limited time, due to a spate of consumer sites, telephone calls, and petitions, as earlier reported by PRWeek.

Kim Burton, creator of one of the first Hydrox Web sites and an electrical engineer from Kansas, told PRWeek, that when Kellogg first called her in June to notify her of the revival, she thought was being contacted for brand infringement on her site.

Now, Burton is assisting in the promotion of the Hydrox by speaking to reporters at the launch, as well as appearing on CBS’ Early Show and the closing of the New York Stock Exchange on August 21.

Kellogg’s awareness of the consumer commitment to “Bring Back Hydrox” reached a tipping point when the Wall Street Journal reported on the movement in and consequently announced in an exclusive Hydrox’s comeback

In the latter article, the WSJ enacted an informal taste test of 20 reporters with 70% favoring Oreo.

Never a publication to be outdone by the WSJ, PRWeek staffers were also polled on their preferences,  only serving to enforce the Journal’s gold-standard credibility: 70% of our staffers preferred the Oreo, too.

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