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Houston tourism group seeks to differentiate city from Galveston

On September 18, PRWeek reported on how Houston-based institutions – and companies with a significant employee or customer presence in Southeast Texas – are responding to Hurricane Ike. Here’s another example.

Many cable TV viewers are familiar with scenes of destruction in Galveston, TX. For the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau, that’s a problem, as many Americans may get the impression that Houston is facing similar poor conditions.

Thus, the tourism organization is taking photos of popular destinations around the city and distributing them to regional and national print and broadcast outlets, says Lindsey Brown, director of marketing.

“We sent out this list complete with photos because people are seeing a lot of images of Galveston on TV, so we want to make sure people understand that Houston was not hit nearly as hard as Galveston, and [show that] these are our major institutions around the city and this is what they look like.”

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